• "Saturday Night's Alright for Fisting"

    underblong issue 5
    How long have I sat vigil at the altar of the god who comes To promise all the experience a human life can bear His only requirement that you surrender yourself utterly to him
  • "The Heart of the Tourist Is Empty"

    dusie dusie
    I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer colds.
  • "Parallel Volumes" - winner of 2019 Young Buck Prize

    Contemporary Verse 2 link here.
    We each experience three wounds in life: the mind, the spirit, and the body. In that order, if you’re lucky.
  • "Lord of Misrule"

    long con magazine Issue 2.5
    How I walk up the steps To your temple so that I may place my mouth At the fount to drink. The peace that passeth Understanding. Shantih shantih shantih Fucking give it to me
  • DADDY didn’t love them so they fall in love with tyrants DADDY didn’t love me so I get on my knees For his deputies, lieutenants, his acting subsidiaries
  • "On the 39th Day of Rain"

    Bat City Review Issue 16
    Weepy me and my gloomy dooms My hot pocket My hard mantle of stars My deep dark dreams My matte bronze powders
  • "A Bouquet of Ketchup-Flavoured Roses"

    The Fiddlehead Summer 2020; 75th Anniversary Issue
    My boyfriend texts me to clarify He doesn’t want to kill himself Just wants to go for a hike along the lakeshore Until he turns into sun-dappled fog Until he isn’t anymore
  • "Arrow"

    The Puritan Issue 47: Fall 2019
    Arrow piercing clearly//The sphincter in my brain// As a cock does when I//Arch my back and think of nothing
  • "Kreuzberg"

    This Magazine This Magazine
    All my wars are foreign/ All my condos foreign/ Bombs fall over Jordan.
  • The Tide

    Rahila's Ghost Press
    Your cock my salinization of the Pacific/Your cock my Aedes aegyptii
  • “Adventure Time”

    New Poetry
    The Craigslist post requested two boys
  • 2 Poems

    The Puritan Issue 34: Summer 2016
    I’m the speaker. Probably why//I cannot feel you when you hold me.
  • First you came for the far-right camerawomen/and I did not speak out, for I was not a fuckwit
  • “Adventure Time”

    The Blasted Tree limited edition longsheet
    The Craigslist post requested two boys
  • “How Perilous is Purity of Heart”

    BAD NUDES Issue 2.2
    Some men fuck you in lace hosiery. Who cares!
  • 3 Poems

    PRISM international Spring 2017 issue
    How daily I swallow my medicine.
  • “After Eight”

    Lambda Literary Poetry Spotlight
    It’s a documentary/about a drunk man kicking an otter to death/in the middle of the street you grew up on
  • “Bottled”

    Poetry is Dead “Let Them See You Sweat” (Spring 2016)
    Here’s some benzos for the shakes. Take only as directed.